Connecting people with inspiring spaces

and the buildings that house them. 

Who we are


Noctis  [Nok-tis] <Latin, gentive singular of Nox – Night


Noctis started as a conversation between a good friend and I during university. Both of us were interested in entrepreneurship and real estate; however, due to our obligations to studying, class and projects, the only time left to research and discuss ideas was late at night. Hence, Noctis became the name for our pseudo think tank, and now the title I proudly offer my real estate services under.


What we are all about


Noctis is a design-centric real estate company that is about more than providing people with just a roof and four walls. Noctis is about about connecting people to a community, to the things that inspire them, and to a space that inspires them as well.


I like to do things differently. By incorporating design, creativity and a passion for providing value to others, my clients receive service that offers “a difference that is night & day”.

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